Solar Pumps

Pump It Up!!!

Solar Depot Bellingen's Solar Pumping systems have been developed to solve water supply problems in remote locations, including:

  • Stock watering
  • Remote community water supply
  • Conservation areas and National Parks
  • Isolated camping grounds
  • Pumping from bores, wells, and dams
  • Floating pump installations

The Pump

The SQFlex system is a reliable water supply system powered by renewable energy sources, such as the sun and wind. The pump range comprises of two pump technologies:

  • 3" Helical rotor pump for high heads
  • 4" Centrifugal pump for low heads and higher flows based on the Grundfos SPA pump

The Motor

The SQFlex motor range comprises only one motor size, the MSF 3 with max power input of 900 Watts. The speed range for the motor depends on the power input and the load.

The motor is supplied in 316 grade stainless steel and utlises the permanent magnetr principle and has a build in electronic unit.


The following features ensure simple installation of the SQFlex pump:

  • Low weight ensuring user-friendly handling.
  • Installation in 3'', 4" or larger boreholes.
  • Only an on/off switch is needed, which means that no extra motor starter / starter box is required

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