I appreciated Solar Depot Bellingen’s help, they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and they were fantastic in helping me to understand my needs and very honest which I appreciated muchly!  As you can get lost with all the information and unnecessarily go over budget, Solar Depot Bellingen steered me in the right decision to meet my needs without going over budget. I will certainly put the word out when someone is looking at Solar.

If you have a BOSS, please relay this message onto them to say that they have great consultants backing the company!  Joff was knowledgeable, honest and friendly and service is the key to a good consultant, which Solar Depot Bellingen certainly provided.

Let’s hope the technicians have the same attitude and work ethic as Joff does!  What a team hey!  Looking forward to having the Solar on, hopefully before Christmas :)

Felicity Henderson, Armidale